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Annemiek Zwikker

Curaçao paintings by Annemiek Zwikker

Annemiek was living on a Sailboat at the Spanish water when we met around 2007. She was helping us finding nice pieces of Driftwood for the interior of our store.

It was love at first sight, from the moment Annemiek arrived by sailboat at Curacao. Love for the beautiful blue colors of the sea in Curacao. During long walks with her dogs she found special treasures from the sea, beautiful pieces of driftwood,

She started painting the wood for her work as a volunteer in a mental institution at Curacao. The beautiful rough pieces of driftwood are used for a 3-D effect in her paintings. The driftwood gives her the inspiration to find that special part of the Curacao beach, that she can paint on the wood and each painting is therefore a unique Curacao local art souvenir. Annemiek knows each beach on the island.