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When Buddha to Buddha founder Batul Loomans sketched his first – now famous – bracelet on a beach in Goa, India in 1994, he was wary of the hectic lifestyle that consumed him. Through meditation and by spending time with influential mentors like Osho, Batul received the creative spark and the philosophy to start his brand with substance. It was the same Osho, who named the one-on-one meditation sessions with Batul “Buddha to Buddha”, convinced that every person is equal, and so the brand was born.

CRAFTSMANSHIP. Traditional craftsmen combine centuries-old workmanship, knowledge, and techniques to produce the best and most stunning array of jewellery. It is the love and attention given by a real person that makes a product a precious jewel on its own, and it is this belief that drives Buddha to Buddha to create without compromise. The Indonesian island of Bali is world renowned for its superior craftsmanship and therefore the natural birthplace for our iconic silver jewellery. At the same time, our Swiss craftsmen echo this same level of supreme detail in our watch collection.

QUALITY. Buddha to Buddha products stand for quality in every handmade detail. The highest grade 925 Sterling Silver is used to craft our beautiful jewellery. For our Easyfit collections, our apparel designers make sure our high standard is reflected in the materials we use and the innovations we apply. Finally, the Buddha to Buddha watches follow the same meticulous process by being made in Switzerland, which ensure our timepieces perform preciously when it really matters.

UNIQUE. Our designers approach to creation is holistic. There are no references or other brands that influence the conception of our products, simply the impact of our natural surroundings, in all their glory. What makes Buddha to Buddha products even more unique is the fact that our craftsmen create the majority of our jewellery completely by hand, taking up to three full days for a single bracelet, making every piece unlike any other.

BOLD. Consciousness of living is an important pillar in the Buddha to Buddha philosophy. Being aware of the here and now is the foundation of our bold designs: by wearing jewellery that is outspoken, big and relatively heavy reminds us of the precious and unique piece we are wearing at that moment, letting us realize that it’s the now that counts.

UNISEX. There is no gender, nor race, age or religion in our mind when we design. Our designs are for everyone who has a holistic view of the world, enjoys a healthy lifestyle and is conscious of the beauty of life. Therefore, our beautiful designs, whether bold or refined, look good on every proud wearer.

Come to see our Buddha to Buddha collection in our shop at Jan Thiel beach. We are happy to help you to find your perfect piece that fits your lifestyle.

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