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Pearls and Leather - Out of the Blue

Buy easy and fast real Pearls and Leather Jewelry!

Check out online the nice collection of Pearls and Leather Jewelry of Out of the Blue! Complete your look with the trendy and classy pearls. In the webshop of Out the Blue you will find always the finest and local collection from Curacao.

We have various options in our webshop if you are looking for silver bracelets or gemstone bracelets. The real pearl fans can do here some endless shopping. Not only we have a wide range of products with bracelets or necklaces, we have a fast delivery and a customer service that always be there for you. Besides jewelry we have also a various assortment of local art and lifestyle products. Amazing products to take the Caribbean vibes to home with you.

Freshwater pearls

The fresh water pearls from Out Of The Blue are made in different fresh water lakes in Azia. Small pieces of epithelial are placed into the clamshell whereafter the clamshell goes into a lake. Than the process begins! It can take between 10 months and 6 years until the fresh water pearl is finished. The natural colors of fresh water pearls vary from ivory white, salmon pink (peach) and lavender pink (purple) to light grey. The colour of the pearls depends on the inside of the clamshell. Fresh water pearls can be found in many different

How to check if  pearls are real?

How do you know if your pearls are real? In a world where almost everything can be made, it’s sometimes hard to know what is real and what isn’t. This is also the case with pearls. To make sure that the pearls you have or want to buy are real, you can read here the 3 easy ways to check them.

Pearls and Leather Jewelry as a gift

Give a pearls and leather jewelry article to your mom or best friend. These kind of jewelry is timeless, trendy and classy for all kind of occasions. Combine the bracelets or necklaces with some of our other collections.

Unsure what to give your loved ones as a present? We have the solution! Give the gift that’s sure to please with a Out of the Blue Gift Card.


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