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Charged bracelet

These Charged Bracelets are more than just fashionable – they carry a message: that life is full of positives and negatives, and one cannot exist without the other.

The idea behind Charged was brought to light while experiencing the Vortexes of Sedona, Arizona. The Sedona Energy Vortex is a place where the earth’s energy swirls and draws to it’s center everything that surrounds it like a tornado. At these magical sites, trees often exhibit this swirling or twisting of their trunks due the powerful vortex energy at the core of a Sedona Vortex. These Vortexes, as in life, are fueled by positive and negative currents constantly circulating. Without one, the cycle would cease to continue.

All of the Charged Jewelry pieces make the pilgrimage to Sedona and are charged in the middle of a high-energy vortex. The earth is exceptionally alive with energy, and our hope is that each wearer can acknowledge that throughout each negative in life, there is always a positive circling close behind.

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