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3 ways to check if pearls are real!


How do you know if your pearls are real?

In a world where almost everything can be made, it’s sometimes hard to know what is real and what isn’t. This is also the case with pearls. To make sure that the pearls you have or want to buy are real, you can use these 3 easy ways to check them.

PearlsPearls are not perfect

Pearls are created by nature, therefore it’s not possible that all pearls are exactly the same. Naturally grown pearls are very difficult to have a necklace all the same shapes, especially those that are rounded or pearls that is particularly uniform in size. The perfect pearl is so rare, that’s why perfect pearls with big size and good luster usually sell for hundreds of thousand dollars.
So look for imperfections, minor variations, different shapes and/or sizes. Are all pearls perfectly the same? Than the pearls may be fake.


Pearls are cool

Hot weather or not, real peals will have a sense of cool when you touch them. They will get a little warmer while wearing them.
Fake pearls don’t feel this way, they feel a lot warmer and they can feel sticky in your warm hand.


Feel free to bite the pearls

Yes, let’s bite them! Why would you? Well, because when you scrape a pearl slightly with your teeth, you can feel and hear the sandy, grainy surface of the pearl. This shows you the pearl is real. Is the pearl smooth, slippery and without sound? Maybe even a little of the color comes off? Than there’s a chance these pearls aren’t the real deal.

These are 3 quick ways to distinguish real pearls from fake. Of course when you wanna be 100% sure we always recommend to ask a specialist. And another way to be 100% is when you order them at Out of the Blue 😉

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